Count the Nation Project Goes Live

Launching last week, Count the Nation aims to draw attention to the significance of the 2020 census and the critical role participation of all U.S. residents play in creating a national dataset because accurate census data is the foundation for an effective democracy that values all community interests and priorities equally. Led by the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab, which focuses on issues at the intersection of media, technology and society in collaboration with Wise Entertainment, the independent studio behind East Los High, Count the Nation is providing clear, compelling and factual content through social media, scripted entertainment and resources for news organizations.

Recognizing the vastly more complex media and technology environment than for the 2010 census, this team has created a broad media strategy that highlights the impact of this civic act. Content developed and shared by Count the Nation and its collaborators will demystify the census and motivate people to be counted — focusing on hard-to-count populations, which number in the tens of millions nationwide. Undercounting these groups will lead to a loss of federal funding for already marginalized communities and misalignment of political representation.

Conducted every decade since 1790, the census counts every person living in the United States, next on April 1, 2020. Census data informs nearly every aspect of community life, as the information collected is used to determine how over $800 billion in annual federal funding is spread across a 100+ programs and how Congressional seats are apportioned. This data is also invaluable for business, philanthropy and researchers in making decisions and tracking social and demographic changes. (more…)

CA Has a New Census 2020 Site and Logo

The State of CA launched their website http://census.ca.gov which contains news, events, resources, and information on the State Complete Count Committee meetings and California Census 2020 – Regional Readiness Assessment Convenings. Information about the various Convening meetings can be found under their Events section.

Their slogan is “Be Counted, California!”

They have a new logo too.